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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Wholesale Gift Boxes

Taken as a whole, gift boxes are by far the biggest selling packaging item in the Inca range. We started stocking a small range of paper covered boxes many years ago and as time has progressed, so has the demand for a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and types of gift boxes in the range.

Paper covered gift boxes

These boxes are made of cardboard which is then covered with paper. They consist of a base and a lid and usually have a flocked foam pad insert which normally has slits or holes to accommodate the type of product it is intended to contain. They are inexpensive to make but have an air of quality about them which makes them popular for jewellery and gifts and other similar products. They represent excellent value for money but there is one drawback to this type of box - they are bulky to transport and stock as they can not easily be nested or packed in a compact way. 

The consequence of this is that larger sizes become prohibitively expensive to ship and therefore price themselves out of the market. As importers and wholesalers of gift boxes, We stock a wide range of these boxes but the plain black ones are the best sellers by a country mile. Red, silver, zebra print and others also sell extremely well.   All sorts of sizes are suitable for all sorts of applications but there are one or two specially sized boxes such as our bangle gift box which can obviously also be used for anything else about the same size as a bangle!

Fold Flat Boxes

The problem of shipping made up boxes disappears when we move on to flat pack or fold flat boxes. The name says it all. The fact that they cost little to ship and store and the fact that there are very few assembly operations makes this type of box very cheap. Whilst they may not have the appeal of a paper covered box, they can still look smart and certainly a vast improvement of the basic brown corrugated cartons used by many. This part of our box range is still expanding. Several of our later designs are attractive and fasten together using a ribbon, making them very suitable for use as wedding favour boxes. We stock a good range of basic colours and sizes but we would be interested in any requirements you may have. If we feel there is a suitable market, we would be happy to manufacture especially for you or we could make for stock and let you call them off if you prefer(subject to quantities etc).


Pillow Packs

Pillow packs are as the name implies pillow-shaped boxes which are supplied flat and are made up my simply folding in the ends. These are very inexpensive, compact and attractive and their popularity in on the increase as many small retailers and web-traders take advantage of their attributes. We stock a variety of sizes in a range of colours and also more recently we have developed a variety of finishes and prints including glitter amongst others.


Acetate fronted boxes and acetate fold flat tiara and fascinator boxes

We stock a few gift boxes which have acetate lids or front panels. Clearly this is so the product inside can be seen and this type of box is popular for use in window displays or on markets etc. The fold flat acetate boxes we supply come in 3 sizes and are aimed at the tiara and fascinator box market.


Flocked Boxes

We run a small range of red or black flocked boxes with hinged lids and satin or card inserts


Favour boxes

Due to the modern trend for wedding favours, Inca has developed a small range of suitable, low cost boxes perfect for the job.  Many of our wedding favour boxes are flat packed and need to be made up before use.  This is how we keep our prices down to a minimum, as they are less bulky to ship.