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Fashion Accessories For The Trade

Children's Party Bags

Children's Party Bags

Wholesale Party Bags

Our range of ready made party bags at the moment is made up of only two different bags, but don't let this fool you into thinking they don't sell well. These bags have become two of our biggest lines over the past several years due to their cheap trade price - under 80p before vat and we can offer discounts according to volume.

Both these party bags are designed on the basis that it is possible to see a theme and anticipate what might be inside. Some of the products inside can be seen and some not, which adds an element of intrigue to the bags. The problem for a manufacturer or importer of these bags is that it is difficult to source a ready supply of good quality contents at a price which allows the bags to be sold at a low budget price which must include packing and labour costs.

With many working mums out there these bags make the perfect, convenient party bag and are a great party gift without expending a lot of time and money. We test our wholesale party bags to EN71, the EC toy safety standard.

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      Fairy Party Bag

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Party Bag Fillers

A lot of products in our fashion accessory ranges are very suitable for inclusion in girl's and boy's party bags.  Many of our customers buy inexpensive products from the range and in many cases clearance lines which are very cheap to make up their own trade lucky bags or party bags.

Compared with many ready made lucky bags on the markets which contain all sorts of recyled and poor quality products, this way offers an opportunity to create cheap value for money lucky bags which will provide a pleasant surprise when opened.

Many traders find it diffiult to source boy's party bag fillers. Follow this link to see cheap boys accessories.

We welcome any suggestions you may have for new products which would make good fillers for party bags or any ready made party bag designs which you think would be saleable.