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  1. Wholesale flapper headbands

      Flappers girls are seen at most fancy dress events and with this in mind we have developed a small range of attractive, low cost flapper girl headbands that are a necessity for any outfit. Consisting of a mix of sequins, feathers and gemstones,  these lines have become an extremely popular part of our range.    We stock 3 different styles,  1...
  2. Wholesale Sunglasses Cases

    Coming Soon !!!   Wholesale sunglasses cases   With summer fast approaching the demand for sunglasses is sure to explode during the next few months.  Sunglasses have become a must have fashion accessory during the summer months and millions of pairs are sold around the world each year.   Although Inca do not stock sunglasses, we do think there is a place in our accessories range for a selection of wholesale sunglasses cases.   Continue reading
  3. Large Letter PIP Boxes

      PIP Large Letter Boxes With the advent of much of the retail market moving  online the demand for suitable boxes to send goods through the post has risen dramatically over recent year.     Many online traders now despatch their goods in the post and because of this Royal Mail has changed it's pricing  structure in order to deal with this modern business practice.  Continue reading
  4. Rose Hair Accessories

    Rose Hair Accessories
    With the new fashion trend of the 'sugar skull' fancy dress costume, we have seen a huge increase in sales of our red rose hair accessories. Many people are now dressing up in 'day of the dead' costumes,  which have become popular due to a scene in the new James Bond film SPECTRE.   We think this trend will continue for months to come and this look will be seen at many fancy dress parties and masquerade  balls.  Continue reading
  5. Sugar Skull Masks

    Sugar Skull Masks
    The latest fancy dress fashion is the Mexican sugar skull death mask.  The  look dates back around 3000 years and originates from the 'day of the dead' festival which is the Mexican equivelent to Halloween. Continue reading
  6. Sport Headbands

    Going to the gym and playing sports has now become the norm in todays modern society.   Many men and women out there are swapping the work suit for the track suit and working hard to get fit.   This has seen a huge increase in demand for many sporty accessories including the sport headband.  These soft stretch,  comfortable fit headbands are the perfect accessory for keeping hair in place whilst exercising,  and are popular with both men and women.  Available in an array of colours and designs these sport headbands can also be matched to sportswear making them both functional and attractive. I Continue reading
  7. Wholesale Hair Chalk

    Set to be THE big hair fashion sensation of the summer, Hair Chalk is going to be in huge demand. Pastel coloured hair is going to be very much in vogue this season and hair chalk is the quick and easy way to acheive this. The advantage of using hair chalk as opposed to dye is that it is both easy to apply and also washes out. This means that the girls that want the look can do so at an affordable price and also change their colour as and when they fancy. Continue reading
  8. Blue Santa Hats

    The cheap red felt santa hat is our biggest selling product (by volume) and we have recently received enquiries for us to stock other colours.    For this coming Christmas we will now be stocking blue santa hats which we expect to sell to football clubs and fans alike. Continue reading
  9. Wholesale Black Santa Hats

    Inca will now be stocking a range of wholesale Santa hats in a variety of colours.   These will include black,  which are now worn as Scrooge hats by the less festive amongst us. Continue reading
  10. Wholesale Elf Hats

    During the Christmas season the demand for cheap festive hats  is huge.   The cheap red santa hat is our biggest selling item and we are now planning to stock an Elf version.   Elf hats have seen a big increase in popularity over recent years. Continue reading

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