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  1. Wholesale Satin Pouches

    Satin drawstring pouches There is now a huge demand for cheap gift packaging in the UK.  This is mainly due to the huge upturn in online sales with many companies now selling small gifts on Ebay, Amazon and many other online stores. Continue reading
  2. Christmas Pillow Packs

    At Inca we sell huge wholesale quantities of pillow packs, as they are one of the cheapest forms of gift packaging selling all year round.   We have now develpoped a range of Christmas pillow packs which we expect to be equally as successful and appeal to a wide variety of giftware suppliers. Continue reading
  3. Twist-in Hair Pins

    Spin Pins Everyone knows that an essential for any girls purse, car, bathroom or bedroom is the hair pin, bobby pin and Kirby grip. The traditional hair grips have been around for years as they are the perfect tool to put your hair up off your face or create an 'up do'.   However, the start of a new generation of these handy essentials has now arrived,  the 'Twist-In' Hair Pin (spin pin). The perfect way to hold any chignon or bun, these twist in to your hair and don’t let go. Creating an invisible way to hold up your bun is the key to these new accessories. You only need a couple compared to having to put lots of Kirby grips in your bun and it will leave your hair secure all day.  Continue reading
  4. Wholesale Fascinator Bases

    Fascinator component parts Fascinators and Hatinators are currently in huge demand. At Inca we stock a huge range of colours and styles,  all at low trade prices. There is also a big demand for bespoke fascinators at the moment and there are many milliners and crafters out there producing their own designs. This has led to a new demand for fasciantor component parts, and we have been developing this range over the past year or so.  With the introduction of 'dome' and 'pill box' style fascinators entering the market, there are many people out ther looking to buy suitable ready made fascinator bases. Continue reading
  5. Christmas Stocking Pouches

    The demand for cheap gift packaging goes throught the roof during the Christmas period.   We have stocked a range of suitable products for a few years now and they have proven to be extremely popular with many of our customers. Continue reading
  6. Christmas Organza Bags

    Millions of organza bags are sold around the world each year.     With this in mind Inca have run a large range of colours and sizes for several year now.   We have now developed a new range of printed designs and this year we will be running a small range of Christmas organza bags. Continue reading
  7. Glitter Organza Bags

    Due to the huge success of our organza bag range we have now delveloped a small range of glitter designs and prints.   These will be ideal for the Christmas gift trade and although they will be slightly more expensive than the plain organza bags we still expect to sell large wholesale quantities to customers who are looking for a more attractive alternative. Continue reading
  8. Must have Christmas accessories

    10 Christmas products from Inca which you need to stock now It is a fact that various customers will now be searching for Christmas goodies. They may be looking for accessories suitable for Christmas events or they may just be having a look for certain things to use as stocking fillers for their children and other people’s children. Continue reading
  9. Christmas is coming !

          View our range of Christmas Deeley Boppers here What your shop needs to stock this coming Christmas It won’t be long until Christmas is knocking on your door along with hundreds of eager shoppers, so why not make sure you are well prepared this year by purchasing some fab products from us here at Inca UK? Continue reading
  10. Wholesale Bridal Accessories

    Wholesale Bridal Accessories Bridal accessories are an essential part of any wedding and are usually worn by anyone and everyone who has an invite. Of course the bride and mother of the bride will be searching for something extra special in order for them to stand out on the big day. Let’s face it weddings are a perfect excuse for women to get dressed up, so why not give them a hand by providing an outstanding yet affordable range of bridal accessories? Continue reading

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