Size: 16 x 14 cm. unbleached, raw cotton drawstring bag.

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•Size approx : 16x14cm


•Cotton rich drawstring bag in a Light Stone colour


•80% Green Cotton / 20% Polyester mix


•Natural string drawstring


Size and shape may vary slightly


The cotton used in this product is classed as 'green'. This means it the cotton is unprocessed and unwashed, no bleaches, no dyes, no chemicals or fungicides are used. It's completely RAW AND NATURAL. Green cotton can have a natural odour that will dissipate over time. It's often described as earthy or musty. What you smell is not mildew or mold, it's cotton seed oil in the fabric. Not all smell like this. We have made sure there are holes in the packaging of this product to try and reduce any smells.