Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Cheap wholesale gift boxes, gift box packaging & jewellery boxes in the UK

We have seen a huge increase in sales of our wholesale cardboard gift boxes and jewellery gift boxes due to the explosion of online retailing and the need to send goods through the post.  We have something available for every business looking to bulk buy gift boxes and wholesale packaging boxes, as we have all sizes and types available; from small presentation boxes to outer mailing boxes in stock.

Gift boxes wholesale UK - Online traders are looking for cheap gift boxes to package their jewellery or gifts to add perceived value and protect them during transit.  Our rigid gift boxes wholesale to many customers for this purpose. Cost is the number 1 priority when purchasing bulk gift boxes and is why Inca stock a large range of paper covered rectangle gift boxes with lids at low trade prices. Our range of wholesale cardboard gift boxes comprises a variety of colours and sizes which are ideal for the small gift trade, with our black gift boxes being the most popular by far. We sell huge quantities of wholesale boxes across the UK and worldwide, and our luxury gift boxes wholesale well in the run up to Christmas. We also realise there is a demand for shallow gift boxes which can be posted in the UK as large letters. This reduces the postage cost significantly, benefiting online retailers who can offer cheaper delivery rates to their customers, which in turn increases sales.  Our gift packaging wholesale pack sizes are typically 12’s, and discounts are available for orders over £150.

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Jewellery box suppliers in the UK

We stock one of the largest ranges of wholesale gift boxes in the UK.  Sales of gift box packaging naturally peak around Christmas, but our stock is available to order throughout the year so you can always find what you need. Our cardboard gift boxes come in a variety of colours, finishes and sizes that are suitable for any purpose such as jewellery, clothing, accessories, cosmetics and crafts.  The base material for all of our gift boxes is cardboard, making them a cheap and recyclable option, and our most popular colours are black, white, kraft and red.  We supply all sizes to the trade -Large gift boxes are popular with retailers, postal sized boxes sell in bulk for ecommerce delivery, and small gift boxes make excellent presentation boxes for jewellery makers and crafters, so if you’re looking for cheap gift boxes for your business, we’re confident that we can offer a solution from our wide range of wholesale packaging boxes.

Paper covered gift boxes 

Our paper covered gift boxes are made with cardboard covered with paper. Supplied with a lid and a flock covered foam insert with slots to accommodate all types of jewellery - rings, bracelets, necklaces and even combination sets. We also have empty gift boxes available which do not contain an insert and can therefore be a more versatile option.  Our most popular type is our rectangle gift boxes with lids which are suitable for many different businesses looking to bulk buy gift boxes for their products.

Velour gift boxes  

Our luxury gift boxes wholesale to many jewellery companies looking to add  a touch of luxury with our velvet effect gift boxes.  Our bestseller is our iconic ring box which sells especially well for wedding and engagement rings.  This ultimate ring box never goes out of style and is available in classic black or striking red.

Fold flat gift boxes

Our fold flat gift boxes are easy to store and quick to assemble making them ideal for online retailers where every second counts.  The plain finish of these cardboard gift boxes is suitable for printing onto which means they can be personalised with your business branding to help your boxes stand out from the crowd.  These cheap gift boxes are a cost effective way to box your goods without needing a large premises for storage.

DL size gift boxes

Our envelope sized boxes are perfect for gifting paper items such as gift vouchers and certificates.  These rectangle gift boxes with lids also work well as corporate gift boxes for paperwork and compliments slips.

Large letter size boxes

We have a range of postal and gift boxes available in letterbox friendly sizes with a depth no larger than 2.5cm so they are classed as a Royal Mail large letter.  These rigid gift boxes wholesale to many online retailers who are looking for cost effective ways to send their products.   

Which are the best gift boxes for jewellery?

We wholesale gift boxes to many jewellery makers, crafters and sellers.  Any of our small gift boxes with inserts have been designed as wholesale jewellery gift boxes. We have rectangle, square and round shapes available in a variety of colours and finishes. Our jewelry gift boxes make perfect presentation boxes for rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and sets, and are sure to enhance any product inside.  For a classic look try our velour covered jewellery boxes, or for a more contemporary style take a look at our new hinged-lid gift boxes which have a fully recyclable paper insert (instead of flocked foam) and come in black, kraft and dove grey. Whether you are making your own jewellery products or buying and selling jewellery, we are the leading supplier for presentation jewellery boxes allowing you to bulk buy gift boxes and package your products in the most luxurious way. 

Can your gift boxes be personalised?

If you’re looking for personalised gift box packaging, any of our wholesale paper finish gift boxes are suitable for printing on to.  Some of our customers use stickers or stamps to create customised gift boxes or postal boxes with their brand but foil printing looks professional and sleek.

We offer hot foil printing in house. Please click here to find out more information or email to start your printing journey.

How do the measurements work?

Our wholesale jewellery boxes and gift boxes come in a variety of sizes, from large to small.  The measurements displayed online are the length x width x depth of the box in cm.  If you need a specific size, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss any options available. 

Because the jewellery boxes are cheap, are they lacking in quality?

We import large bulk and wholesale quantities of wholesale boxes into the UK on the sea making us one of the largest importers in the trade for jewellery boxes and gift boxes. We bring in such vast quantities of gift packaging wholesale packs that it allows us to pass the cost saving onto our customers. The jewelry boxes are all hand made and so might not all be identical, however,  they are of a very high quality with rarely any defects. Relying on supplying our customers with cheap jewellery boxes means that now when people are posting goods using ecommerce, not only is the jewellery safe in transit but also our cheap boxes create a high quality look to the end user.

Which are the best selling colours?

Despite all of the finishes and colours selling well the core range are black, kraft, red, white and grey. Out of that list of wholesale packaging boxes the kraft paper natural paper finish and the black textured finish are without doubt the bestsellers. These gift boxes wholesale UK and worldwide in large wholesale quantities throughout the year.  If you are looking for bulk gift boxes in a specific colour please let us know and we will be happy to see if we can source these for you.