Hamper Boxes

Wholesale Hamper Boxes

We’ve pulled together our collection of wholesale hamper boxes which are perfect for filling with a collection of gifts.  Wholesale hamper box sales have been big business over the recent years and are popular with retailers and customers alike, particularly over the Christmas period when gift sales peak.  Any of our wholesale gift hamper boxes can be transformed into Christmas hamper boxes with some festive ribbon or Christmas themed treats inside.  Hamper sellers can benefit from the higher price point thanks to the perceived value of a hamper of gifts, and the customer making or purchasing the hamper can give a more personalised gift to the recipient.

Cardboard Hamper Boxes Wholesale

All of our gift hamper boxes are made from paper covered cardboard.  We have 3 main types of bulk hamper boxes available; our wholesale hamper trays, our flat pack gift boxes and our cardboard hamper boxes with lids.  These wholesale cardboard hamper boxes can be filled with any number of gifts or treats for any occasion - wedding hampers, baby shower hampers, birthday hampers, food hampers, beauty boxes etc.  

Empty Hamper Boxes 

All of our hamper boxes are empty and ready to be filled with any products of your choosing.  It is important to consider the size and cost of the hamper box to fill so that you can maximise your profits.  Discover our range of cheap and affordable hamper box supplies in the UK.       

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Hamper Packaging Supplies

Stock up on hamper packaging supplies from Inca UK.  We have a range of hamper trays, hamper gift boxes and hamper boxes with lids in stock now.  Most of our pack sizes are 6’s or 12’s and our minimum order is just £25.  Discounts are automatically applied to orders over £150.  

What colour are your hamper boxes?

We have black, grey, kraft and white wholesale hamper boxes in stock.

Are your hamper boxes empty?

Yes, please note that we only sell empty hamper boxes.  Simply add tissue paper and ribbon for a finishing touch if desired.  

Do you sell wholesale hamper baskets?

We do not sell traditional woven hamper baskets, but our hamper gift boxes and hamper trays do the same job and are typically much cheaper than comparable wholesale hamper baskets.  

Do hampers need a lid?

There is no right or wrong answer for this, it is all down to personal preference and the items that will be going into the hamper.  For small items, hamper gift boxes with lids would be fine, but for larger items it may be better to use hamper trays without lids so that the gifts can fit in.