1. Testing FAQ

    Testing Standards

    All of our wholesale hair accessories are tested to comply with current legislation.  Not all importers go to these lenghts, but we like to make sure that our products are of the highest quality.

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  2. Home Crafts #2 - Food Making - Food Grade Packaging

    Home Crafts #2 - Food Making - Food Grade Packaging

    Wholesale food safe packaging bags available from Inca UK... 

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  3. Home Crafts #1 - Soap Making - Gift Boxes For Soap

    Handmade Soaps

    We offer a range of home craft packaging supplies, perfect for turning those homeade items into sellable goods.  Our soap boxes are great for protecting and displaying soap bars, and come in natural kraft or clear plastic.  Find out more here...

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  4. Easter Ideas

    Easter Bunny Headband

    Get ready for Easter 2021 (4th April) with inspiration and ideas from Inca UK.

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  5. Top 5 Best Selling Wholesale Bridal Hair Accessories For Bridal Suppliers…

    Bridal Retailer - Wedding dress shop

    Take a look at our bestselling wholesale bridal hair accessories, perfect for all bridal wedding suppliers.

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  6. Our Essentials Range...

    Whoelsale Hair Accessories Range on Slatwall
    See our best selling essential hair accessories here.  Perfect for retailers, wholesalers, pharmacies, salon suppliers, and anyone else looking to stock a range of hair accessories.  
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  7. New Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Bulk hair bobbles in biodegradable cornstarch bag.

    We’re always looking for new ideas to reduce our impact on the environment and are continually looking for materials to offer more sustainable wholesale supplies to our customers.  As part of our ongoing quest, we’re pleased to announce that we have 3 new environmentally friendly pack

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  8. World Cardboard Shortage

    Cardboard box

    As the world faces a global cardboard shortage, we are doing everything we can to secure stock of our bestselling cardboard gift boxes.  

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  9. Wholesale Salon Supplies

    Wholesale Salon Supplies

    Our range of wholesale hair accessories are popular with hair salons, hair salon wholesale suppliers and beauty salons across the world.  See our bestselling lines for these businesses. 

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  10. Wholesale Gift Packaging For Presents...

    Giftbox with ribbon

    With Mother’s Day on the horizon (14th March), gift sales are set to soar.  Inca UK supplies gift packaging to a growing number of businesses such as wholesalers, retailers and online stores.  With each of these businesses gearing up for Mother’s Day, see our top 5 wholesale gift packaging ideas for the most popular Mother’s Day presents...  

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