Hot Foil Printing

Hot Foil Printing

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Custom Packaging Boxes

We often get requests for custom printed packaging, and we are now delighted to be able to offer foil printing services, thanks to our new hot foil printing machine.  The hot foil printing machine allows for any business to order their own branded packaging with their bespoke brand name, logo or design.  The designs can be printed onto almost any of our paper gift boxes, providing bespoke packaging supplies whilst limiting the price and lead time of ordering your very own bespoke packaging boxes.

Branded product packaging can leave a lasting impression on customers and raise brand awareness for your business.  Hot foil printing is regarded as having a luxury feel about it and we find it works really well across a broad range of packaging and products for different industries.  Foil printing is particularly popular for bespoke jewellery packaging compared to other custom printed packaging types, as the foil colours compliment both metallic jewellery and colourful costume jewellery.

Each box is printed by hand and packed carefully for delivery to you.  A great deal of care must be taken during each step of the process and is why we hope customers understand the costs involved for branded packaging boxe to be created.

As logo designs, foil colours and box textures can vary, please contact us with your exact requirements and we can discuss how we can acheive the best quality print for you.  

Branded Gift Boxes 

Our minimum order value is just £25 (excluding VAT), and the minimum number of boxes we can print is 12.  There are 3 standard costs for foil printing.  These costs can vary slightly depending upon the size and the complexity of the design being printed . 

1) The cost of the boxes

2) The set up cost of the print plate

(this is a one-off cost)

3) The printing cost

Please enquire with your box code and we will be able to confirm which size it is.  All prices are excluding VAT. 

For information on more complex prints or multiple colour prints please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss available options.  

Basic Print Plate Set Up

£25 excl. VAT
  • Based on 1 print colour only
  • Based on 1 print plate only

Printing Costs

13p-49p excl. VAT
  • Cost per print
  • Based on box size

The Process

Step 1 - The artwork & quote


>  Please send your artwork to us via email in an AI, JPG or PNG file type, we will issue you with a form to fill in with all of your requirements.

>  We can then provide a quote based on your requirements and make any suggestions on how we can acheive the best print quality.  

> If you are happy with the quote we will then send you an invoice for payment.

Step 2 – Approval 


  • >  Once we recieve payment we will send you a mock-up picture of your print for your approval and book in the printing with our in-house team. 
  • > When we receive approval from the print mock-up we can then order the print plate from our supplier.

Step 3 - Sample Production & approval


  • > We will send a photo of the first print from production for you to check and approve.

Step 4 - Production


  • > Once approval has been given we will begin the printing.

Step 5 - Packing & dispatch

 When your order is ready we will pack and send it to you. 

Lead Times 

As all of our boxes are printed by hand in house, our lead times can differ seasonally.  Lead times can start from 5 working days upwards depending on time of year.  To enquire about our current lead times for foil printing, please get in touch with our printing team -  or  0150950100.


It is worth noting that each foil colour has a different type of adhesive and reacts differently depending upon the surface that it is being printed on to and the detail of the logo being printed.  We can make recommendations based on our experience and will always test with our Molly & Rose print plate to ensure the best quality, but until we have the actual print plate of your logo, the correct foil and the gift boxes together we cannot guarantee the quality of the print until we have tried it.  We will always discuss this with you during the process and work out the best way to proceed - sometimes we may suggest changing the box colour / texture, the foil colour or even making some amendments to the logo to get the best quality print results.   


If you're unsure what colours to choose, samples are available to purchase. 

Standard Range

  • First sample : £9.95 excl. VAT
  • Subsequent samples : £4.95 excl. VAT

Large Boxes

  • First sample : £15.00 excl. VAT
  • Subsequent samples : £7.95 excl. VAT

Please email for more information about our printing services.


Will the print smudge?

No.  Foils work by heat transferring foil onto the surface of the box. Therefore there is no liquid or ink involved. 

Are the boxes still recyclable after being printed?

Such a small amount of foil is used that the boxes are totally recyclable after branding with your logo.

Do you store my print plates?

Yes, we will keep it safe and filed away ready to use when needed.

Who owns the print plates?

The customer owns the print plate and we just store it and use it for printing.  If you ever need  them we can send them out to you no problem. 

Will the print plates be used for anything else?

No.  We will keep it safe and only use it when instructed by the customer.

How many colours can I choose from?

We currently have 7 foil colours available - gold, silver, rose gold, pink, black, white and red.  We can order different foil colours if needed, please just ask.  Please note that each foil colour has a different adhesive which can alter the way it bonds to the surface that it is being printed on to.  If we are ordering a new foil we will always test it first to make sure that it is suitable for printing.    

How many colours can I have in one design?

As many as you like really, it depends on the logo or design and how the plates can be made.  Any colour combination is possible, but it means that set up costs for plates and printing costs can increase.

As an example, if we wanted each character of the Molly & Rose logo to be in a different colour, we would need 10 individual plates (one for each character) and then the 10 individual foil colours.  This would mean an increased set up cost for the number of plates needed, and an increased print cost as each box would need to be printed 10 separate times.  Sometimes smaller plates can be a little cheaper so the cost does balance out, but it really does depend upon the sizes and complexity of the design.

Can I supply my own boxes?

Currently we are only able to print on boxes from our product range.  This is to ensure the highest quality printing can be achieved and stocks are readily available.