Gift packaging supplier in the UK

Our wholesale gift packaging collection is extremely popular. The trade can buy small or large quantities from our best selling ranges of gift bags, wholesale gift packaging boxes, organza bags and pillow packs. We stock a wholesale giftbox suitable for all sizes of gifts and jewellery items such as rings and bracelets. We can supply gift box bulk orders at a moments notice with large quanities in stock in the UK.


Here is one of the largest wholesale ranges of jewellery and small gift packaging stocked in the UK. These lines are extremely popular and are helped even more so with the upturn in E Commerce retailers looking for a wholesale giftbox or other packaging for their products.


All of our wholesale gift packaging boxes consist of a lid and a base, most with a foam pad, already cut, to allow your product to fit straight in making sure in transit, through the post or by courier, they remain in good condition.Not only are most of the lines recyclable and provide eco-friendly companies with packaging solutions, but our wholesale gift box range and bags also give your products the best final touch of finish and quality. 


With Kraft paper and our plain black finishes being the best sellers, our bags and wholesale gift packaging boxes are available in many sizes for any jewellery type, from rings to necklaces, brooches to pins. We also stock organza bags and pillow packs.


Please note: we are a B2B company, importing products which we wholesale to the trade. Allowing the very best in cheap yet high quality packaging in large stock quantities.