Wholesale Gift Packaging

Our wholesale gift packaging collection is extremely popular as the trade can buy small or large quantities from our best selling ranges of gift bags, gift boxes, organza bags and pillow packs.

Inca is one of the largest importers of cheap gift packaging and we stock a wide selection of colours and sizes across all of our ranges.  The majority of our wholesale gift packaging is used to package customers products rather than for resale.

There is currently a huge demand for cheap wholesale gift packaging and Inca stock a comprehensive range, at low trade prices.  The demand is driven by the fact that a huge amount of products are now sold online.   This in turn means that goods are despatched by post or courier and need to be protected during transit.    Another reason for the upturn in sales is that traders wish to package their products nicely in order to add perceived value and to make their products more attractive.    Price is obviously the biggest consideration when it comes to packaging for products.    Traders are looking for low cost, quality packaging ideas that will differentiate their products from those of their competitors, whilst having a minimal impact on prices.  The cheapest forms of wholesale gift packaging are organza bags and pillow packs, with prices starting at just a few pence.  Our gift boxes are also very popular with the trade and although these items are a little more expensive you will find our prices to be extremely competetive.    All of our gift packaging is sold in dozen packs, with 1 dozen being the minimum order for any 1 style. This has proven to be of huge benefit to smaller traders who are only looking to buy small quantites regularly. However we are equally capable of supplying large bulk quantity orders and offer generous discounts for volume orders.