Wholesale Fairy Wings

Not only are our fairy wings extremely popular with children they have also become de rigueur for adults going clubbing or attending festivals, hen parties, and other similar occasions.

These fairies need bigger wings and our range now reflects this.  Charity events such as fun runs are currently more popular than ever, and many of our wholesale fairy wings are now used for this purpose.   We now wholesale a collection of wings in several different colours and sizes.    Most of the wings are basically made up of wire frames with netting stretched over, often decorated with glitter or feathers or both.    We also distribute bees wings, ladybird wings and angel wings for those looking for something a little bit different. Our fairy wings have also become very popular as Christmas stocking fillers and sales increase dramatically during the festive season.

The majority of our fairy wings are either pink or white as these are by far the most popular colours.     However we also stock a selection of different colours including our ever popular rainbow fairy wings.   We stock several sizes of wholesale fairy wings ranging from toddler to adult size so there is something for everyone.      It is company policy to keep our pack sizes to a minimum as this gives smaller businesses an opportunity to stock a wider range of products for their budget.    With this in mind our fairy wings are mostly packed in either 3's or 6's depending on the price.

Children's products which have "play value" and could therefore be considered toys to some degree, should be tested to make sure they meet the European toy safety regulations. This is known as EN71 and at Inca we test all lines of this type so you can be assured that the wings you buy from us will not have any safety issues.    Not all importers of fairy wings carry out this testing as it is expensive and adds considerably to the cost.   Please bear this in mind when comparing like for like regarding prices.