Easter hamper ideas for 2024

Supermarkets are packed to the rafters with every kind of chocolate egg you can imagine (not to mention the bunny-shaped chocolate on offer!). If you’re looking for an alternative way to treat your loved ones, consider an Easter hamper. 

Let’s dive into some of the ways you can put together a hamper fit for the Easter Bunny himself.  

Super-choccy Easter hamper! 

Let’s face it; we all love a bit of chocolate (even if we are supposed to be cutting down). A hamper filled to the brim with chocolate of all kinds will go down a treat with your family and friends! 

If you’re short on time, consider buying a pre-made hamper. Cadbury’s, Fortnum and Mason, and Hotel Chocolate have all released their Easter hampers for 2024, and they’re chockablock with luxury treats. 

The downside? These pre-made hampers come with a hefty price tag ranging from £35.00 to £150 (and beyond). 

For something more personal, consider putting together a hamper. 

The great thing about creating your own hamper is you can tailor it to the recipient. Fill it with things you know they’ll love. If they have a soft spot for dark chocolate or love creme eggs, make this your theme. 

We love the idea of creating a family hamper with treats for everyone. And don’t forget about the dog! There are plenty of Easter treats for your pets, from iced biscuits to dog-safe chocolate eggs (just make sure they don’t get hold of the real stuff!). 

Non-chocolate hamper boxes for kids 

Chocolate isn’t for everyone – some people are intolerant, others just don’t like it. And then there’s the problem of excess! You can end up with so many chocolate eggs that you’re still eating them at Christmas. 

The good news is you can put plenty of other things in an Easter hamper for children. Take a look at some of these ideas for inspiration: 

  1. Easter books: You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to kids’ books on the subject of Easter, from The Original Velveteen Rabbit to the Dinosaur that Pooped Easter and Enid Blyton’s Springtime Stories!   

  2. A headband: Kids love dressing up – fact! Add a pair of novelty bunny ears to your hamper for something fun. 

  3. Crafty bits: Looking for something to do with the kids over the school break? There are plenty of crafts you can do at home, from egg painting to scratch art, pom-pom bunnies and Easter bonnets. Add a craft kit to your hamper to keep them quiet for a few hours. 

  4. Plush toys: We know you’ve already got hundreds of stuffed animals, but what’s one extra? So many adorable lambs, chicks, and bunnies are falling off the shelves that it’s hard to say no.

  5. Lego: For older kids, Lego sets are brilliant. There are lots of Easter-themed kits out there, from rabbits to daffodils and sunflowers. 

Scour the high street and trawl the web to find the best bargains, and you’ll fill your hamper without a sniff of chocolate.

Grown-up Easter hampers 

That’s the kids sorted, but what about the adults? 

No adult Easter hamper would be complete without a bottle of fine wine or champagne to toast the occasion. Whether it's a robust red, a crisp white, or a bubbly brut, a carefully selected bottle can add a touch of elegance to your hamper. 

Gourmet snacks, from cheeses to savoury crackers, premium nuts, and handmade preserves, will go down a treat.

The sky’s the limit with an Easter-themed gift basket for adults. You can include anything from bath bombs to spring-scented candles. For a festive touch, add Easter-themed ornaments or tableware (think Emma Bridgewater mugs!).   

Hamper tray with shredded paper, bottle of champagne and a glass

How to create a DIY hamper at home

Unlock the joy of Easter with a touch of do-it-yourself magic as we dive into the art of creating a bespoke hamper.

1. Pick a box for your gift hamper

Start by finding a gift box hamper or basket that you like. This is a fantastic opportunity to be creative. You don’t have to stick to a box or basket. Here are some great alternatives you could try: 

  • - Wooden crate 
  • - Tin planter 
  • - Glass mason jar 
  • - Enamel jug 
  • - Kraft hamper tray 
  • - Mixing bowl
  • - Wooden chopping board
  • - Large mug 
  • - Crochet Easter basket 

Let your imagination run wild! Remember, the bigger the container, the more space you’ve got to fill, so pick carefully. 

2. Fill your hamper with goodies 

It’s time to add your goodies. 

How you fill your hamper depends on the size and shape of the container, but as a general rule, position the big stuff at the back and the smaller items at the front so they can be seen.

Add filler material to your hamper to keep everything in place and prevent items from moving around. 

Here are some ideas for filler materials: 

  • Shredded paper or tissue paper: This classic option cushions items in the hamper while adding a decorative touch.
  • Raffia or shredded straw: These natural materials can add a rustic or earthy look to the hamper while providing padding for the contents.
  • Fabric scraps or ribbons:  Cut fabric into strips or use leftover ribbons to fill empty spaces in the hamper and add colour and texture.
  • Decorative moss: Moss adds a woodland or garden-inspired element to the hamper and can be used to nestle items for a visually appealing display. 
  • Fabric napkins or tea towels: Folded fabric napkins or tea towels can be used to line the bottom of the hamper and add a touch of elegance or whimsy.
  • Easter grass or shredded coloured paper: Particularly fitting for an Easter hamper, colourful Easter grass or shredded paper adds a festive touch while cushioning items inside the hamper.


These filler materials serve the practical purpose of protecting items in the hamper and enhancing its look.  

3. Add the finishing touches  

To finish your hamper, consider adding a decorative ribbon or bow. Pale yellow, white, and pink ribbons suit the Spring-feel of Easter hampers. For something jaunty, add a touch of Gingham to your basket. 

You might be used to seeing hampers finished with cellophane, but it’s much easier to leave your hamper unwrapped. It’s also more eco-friendly to ditch the cellophane wrap and let your cleverly positioned and well-chosen gifts steal focus.   

Now, the only thing left to do is enjoy the gift of giving.