Discover our range of hair elastics in different sizes...

Hair elastics come in a variety of product types, sizes and thicknesses.  We refer to our elastic sizes in two measurements; diameter and thickness.  Discover the different product sizes available from Inca UK…


The diameter of the hair elastic is the measurement of a straight line across the centre of the circle of the elastic.   

Our elastics come in 4 main sizes...

  • Mini - 1cm - 2.5cm 
  • Small - 3cm - 3.5cm
  • Regular - 4cm - 5cm
  • XL - 7cm-9cm


The thickness of the hair elastic refers to the width of the hair elastic.  We have multiple elastics available in a variety of thicknesses, and generally speaking if you have thicker hair, you will need a thicker hair elastic for extra hold. 

Here is an example of each of the thicknesses that we stock… 


   (From L-R)

  • 1mm - PU band
  • 2mm - Elastic
  • 3mm - Silicone band
  • 4mm - Elastic
  • 5mm - Elastic
  • 6mm - Elastic
  • 7mm - Jersey elastic
  • 8mm - Jersey elastic
  • 1cm - Jersey elastic
  • 1.5cm - Jersey donut
  • 1.7cm - Knit donut
  • 2cm - Jersey donut
  • 3cm - Donut ponio

If you are looking for a particular size of hair bobble or can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.