Girl in a santa hat and white tshirt

Finding a nativity costume for your kid’s big performance can be stressful. You could make one yourself, but we all know that December is a busy time for parents and carers (and it often ends up being more expensive than buying one). But it is possible! 

In this blog, we look at how to make a cheap, homemade nativity costume that will take you minutes to make.

How to make an angel costume 

So your little angel is playing THE angel in the school or church nativity, and you need to find an outfit. Here’s how to make a quick and easy homemade angel costume. 

You’ll need a metre of white fabric and gold twisted cord. You could also use a large white pillowcase or a bed sheet cut down to size – anything will do! 

1. Take the sheet and fold it in half. 

2. Cut a line along the fold big enough for their head to poke through. 

3. Ensure you leave enough space on either side of the hole where the fabric will sit on their shoulders. 

4. Now you have a basic tunic shape, tie the gold twisted cord around the waist to pull it in.  

It's pretty simple – but we’re not finished yet.

What’s an angel without a halo? You can make a halo easily using a plastic headband, tinsel and some gold pipe cleaners, but you might find buying one is easier (and cheaper). 

Did you know that Inca sells wholesale Christmas tinsel halos in silver and gold? We’re a trade-only supplier specialising in party supplies, jewellery, and packaging.

How to make a tunic - step-by-step instructions

How to make paper plate angel wings  

If you fancy challenging yourself, try making your wings from paper plates. Here’s how: 

1. Cut eight paper plates in half and make 14 of the semi-circles into crescent shapes. 

2. The half circle you’ve left untouched will act as the anchor between the two wings. 

3. Fan out your paper plates so there are seven on each side. The aim is to make something resembling two wings. 

4. Glue each paper plate to the one before it. 

5. Fix the two uppermost plates to the semi-circle sitting between the wings.  

6. Finally, attach string or elastic to the top and bottom on each side to make two straps. 

You can find the original version of these instructions on the Baker Ross website, along with many other Christmas makes, crafts, and activities. 

Short on time? Angel wings are relatively cheap to buy online and in-store. Inca sells angel wings wholesale in various colours and styles, great for fancy dress and Christmas. We love this pair of wings made from white net with silver glitter and a white feather trim. Perfectly angelic. 

White angel wings with a fur trim

Other nativity costumes 

Making a tunic from a sheet or pillowcase is an idea you can replicate for almost any role in the nativity. Simply changing the colour of the fabric and mixing up your accessories is all you need to make some of the most iconic children’s Christmas costumes

A costume fit for a king (or three) 

Ditch the white fabric and use dark green, burgundy, or purple instead. Add a length of gold or silver rope cord to bring the tunic in at the waist, then finish with a homemade or a shop-bought felt crown. 

Homemade shepherd costume 

A brown, grey, or dark-coloured fabric would work well for a shepherd. Finish with a short length of cord or rope. For the shepherd’s headwear, re-purpose some leftover fabric and add a band of elastic to keep it in place. 

Making your own crook from bits and pieces you have at home is possible, but you might find buying one easier. And for your little lambs? A novelty headband designed as sheep’s ears will do the trick. 


Santa hat, donkey ears and tail, lambs ears, and a gold festive headband

A DIY donkey costume

From sheep’s ears to donkeys, cows, and horses, novelty headbands can turn a plain outfit into a Christmas costume worthy of a place in any school nativity. 

If your little star is set to make their stage debut as a donkey, all you need to make a DIY costume is a simple grey outfit (think joggers or leggings and a plain grey t-shirt) and some accessories. A novelty headband with donkey ears and a dress-up tail will finish this outfit perfectly.