Grey necklace gift boxes

Wholesale gift boxes for necklaces.

If you’re a jewellery maker or seller looking for gift packaging boxes for necklaces, here are some key points to consider before ordering your gift boxes... 

  1.  Picking the right sized wholesale necklaces boxes

Size is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for suitable gift boxes for necklaces.  Are the necklaces chunky or fine?  Are they light or heavy?  Once you know the size of necklaces that you need a box for then you can start considering the options available.  

We stock a variety of wholesale necklace gift boxes of different sizes.  One of the most popular choices for fine jewellery necklaces are our small square necklace gift boxes which measure 9x9cm and are available in kraft (1259), black (1254), white (0205), silver (0305) and cream (0300).  

If you’re looking for necklace boxes for chunky necklaces, try any of our necklace gift boxes which measure 2.6cm deep.  This allows for larger necklaces to be displayed effectively. (0184 kraft, 1432 black, 0755 cream, 0413 silver).

2.  Are you looking for postal sized necklace boxes?

If you’re an online retailer looking for necklace gift boxes for posting then it’s a good idea to explore the cost of postage for different sized packages. (Click here to see the size guide from Royal Mail).

For large letter classification, the depth of the parcel must not exceed 2.5cm.  Any of our wholesale necklace boxes that measure 2cm make the perfect postal size, allowing for 0.5cm of outer packaging.  

We have a range of new colours in our 14x11x2 cm gift boxes which are available in pink (0886), black (1324) and kraft (1325) as well as white (1113).  

We also stock postal mailing bags for the complete packaging solution!  (0296).

3.  Consider the colour and style of the wholesale necklace boxes

It’s a good idea to consider the colour and style of the necklaces you are looking to package as we do have different colours available which can enhance different metal and jewellery colours.

Necklace boxes for gold necklaces:
Our best selling necklace boxes for gold necklaces are usually black or white.  

Necklace boxes for silver necklaces:

Silver necklace boxes work well with silver coloured metal tones

Necklace boxes for handmade necklaces:

Our wholesale kraft coloured necklace gift boxes typically suit handmade and more natural looking necklace styles and are popular gift boxes with craft jewellery makers.

4.  Are you looking for recyclable necklace gift boxes?

If your business is working to be as sustainable as possible, you may want to source packaging that reflects this to align with your brand values.  

All of our plain paper covered necklace boxes are fully recyclable once the foam inserts have been removed, but if you’re looking for supplies of fully recyclable necklace gift boxes, then take a look at our necklace boxes with cardboard inserts.  These gift boxes are available in black (1124), kraft (1131) and dove grey (1139) for a contemporary feel and can be recycled at home by the end user.