Tips on selling with Amazon

Are you thinking about selling on Amazon?


Not sure about how to go about it with our products?


Here are some tips to get you started and become a complicit and fair online trader.

Customers can face problems when listing our goods on Amazon as some products have existing historical listings by current sellers.

So to sell a product on Amazon, first have a look at how the product is being sold currently.

Selling on an existing Molly & Rose listing:


The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get up and selling on Amazon is to place your offer on a current Molly & Rose listing. This listing will have been created by another customer of ours. Therefore, you will use their listing to sell from. Make sure to order a piece from the current seller to make sure you will be selling exactly the same product. You do not want to start off with bad reviews from unhappy customers with them recieving a different product to what they might expect.

If you are plannin to not register your brand, then make sure the listing you are adding an offer to is not trademark registered. If it is and you add an offer, then you risk being kicked off by the branded seller with the support of Amazon.

Amazon listing under the molly and rose brand

If there is no listing for the product already then you can create a new listing:

The best way to go about this is to think long term. Would I want to create a Molly & Rose listing that other people could offer on too or would I rather create my own branded listing.


If you go down the Molly & Rose listing route, then it might be best to think about the below:


How best am I to photograph and portray the product?

Am I going to use Inca images or my own?

What is the best description I could write? (As you are not able to use our descriptions.)

How best to ship and supply to the end user?


Once you are registered with Amazon and have thought about the above, you can list your product and begin trading.

listing under the molly and rose brand with a company name

Creating your own branded listings

If you would rather go down the route of your own branding, then you will need to do everything yourself. You will need to remove the Molly & Rose branding from the items and then think about the below: 

To do this you will need to create a brand.

Once you have done this you will need to register this as a trademark.

Then you can apply to Amazon brand registry to list your brand.

You will need to use your own branding and barcoding on the item.

You will take responsibility for the safety and testing of the product. 

You will need to optimise the listing to create well ranking product listings.


Using your own trademark in this way protects your listings as no one else can sell on them, but as you can see, it is a lot more complicated, demanding and expensive.

using our product to list under your brand