Kraft gable gift boxes

Wholesale Gift Boxes

Using the right gift boxes can help elevate your products (and brand!) and even improve sales.  Not only do gift boxes help to protect the products inside, they also send a message to your customers about your business, and should reflect your brand guidelines.  For example, if you’re an environmentally friendly company, you should look to choose sustainable packaging options, and if you’re a luxury brand, your customers will expect your products to be in luxury packaging.     

Luckily, as wholesale packaging suppliers we have a wide range of gift boxes and packaging types available for our retail and wholesale customers, no matter what products you are selling.

We have recently launched a variety of gift boxes in brand new shapes and sizes, and  wanted to share with you some ideas about what items can fit inside them…

These heavy duty tube gift boxes are great for delicate items that might need some extra protection.  They are popular gift boxes for paperwork such as certificates, posters and artwork, and if secured these round gift boxes can be used as postal tube packaging boxes too.

Other delicate items such as perfume, cosmetics, gifts, candles, glass or ceramic goods that will benefit from more support can also fit inside our cardboard tube packaging.  We have used 1073 for a miniture bottle gift box, with some shredded tissue paper inside.  

The high quality of our tube packaging gift boxes makes them a popular luxury packaging option, and the fact that they are fully recyclable after use means that they are great for businesses looking for more sustainable gift packaging ideas.   

Gable gift boxes get their name because the shape of the box resembles a house with a pitched roof.

If you're looking for a wholesale gift box supplier and wondering where to buy wholesale gable boxes from, we are delighted to now have 2 colours and 4 sizes available.  Now in stock are our kraft gable gift boxes and white gable gift boxes, and they are each available in 2 sizes.  Our small gable gift boxes measure 15x9.5x10cm and our large gable gift boxes measure 22.6x9.5x12.2cm.

Our wholesale gable gift boxes are flat packed and easy to assemble in seconds.  They can be used for a variety of goods and are often used as packaging for food items such as cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches and other deli produce.  The integral handle makes our gable boxes easy to carry so they are perfect for takeaway food boxes.

Our gable gift boxes can be personalised with stickers, stamps or printing which makes them ideal as corporate gift boxes or even large wedding favour gift boxes.

Packaging boxes with display windows are great for showcasing the products inside.  This typically leads to higher sales of products as customers can see exactly what they are getting and engage more easily with the product.  As gift boxes with clear windows allow the product to be seen, this usually avoids the packaging being opened and potentially damaged too.

Pre-wrapped food items, clothing, gifts and items that need to be protected from dust and handling are typically packaged in gift boxes with clear windows.  

We have 2 colours and 4 sizes available in our range of wholesale window gift boxes.  The smaller size is 15x10x4cm and the large gift boxes with windows measure 20x15x4cm.  We have white and kraft gift boxes with widows currently in stock.  

As these gift boxes with windows have a handy euro hole, they are great for products that are typically difficult to display.  For example, scarves, ties, blankets and other items which take up a lot of display space can be easily folded inside one of our hanging gift boxes with a window so that they take up less space and can be neatly merchandised.  In the picture above we have used 1075 as a scarf gift box, and the smaller size 1074 as a baby gift box with a baby grow folded inside.

Gift Boxes with Ribbon UK 

Our new pop up gift boxes with ribbon are the latest addition to our range of wholesale luxury gift boxes.

Simply pop up the main body of the gift box, close the base and then gently push down the lidded section of the box to fit over the gift box and tie the ribbon to secure.

These ribbon gift boxes are available in a light dove grey colour and come in 2 sizes. 

Small ribbon gift boxes =  8.5x8.5x10 cm

Large ribbon gift boxes = 13x13x15 cm

It is worth noting that as the bases of these ribbon gift boxes are self folding they cannot take heavy weights.  They are ideal for small items and make great gift boxes for baby gifts such as plush and clothing.    

If you would like any more information about our new gift boxes or would like to request a sample, please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone 01509501000 or email

Remember our minimum order value is just £25, and we offer free shipping for orders over £150 (UK).  Find out about shipping rates outside of the UK here.