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Our top 5 gift boxes for jewellery...

Some of our bestselling lines are our gift boxes for jewellery, and we have a wide range of colours and sizes available.  We’ve pulled together our favourite gift boxes for each of the most classic jewellery items, although the uses for our gift boxes extend well beyond this list. 

It’s true to say that packaging can sometimes be overlooked as it’s not deemed as exciting as the items inside, but it is an important part of any business and using the right packaging can add extra value to any products.  As a trusted trade supplier we offer high quality gift boxes at very affordable prices.  You can see our full collection of gift packaging here

Here are our top 5 gift boxes for jewellery... 

Ring box

We think that our black flocked ring gift box 0850 is the ultimate ring box.  In classic black velour, any ring will look elegant and luxurious encased in these surroundings.  The foam insert can be easily removed, and the large H slot can accommodate both small and larger ring shanks.  Also available in red for a more striking look.  If you’re looking for a wholesale ring box suitable for posting, try 1252 which has smaller dimensions to ensure that it is letter box friendly. 

Black velour jewellery box for rings

Necklace box

If you’re looking for gift boxes for necklaces, our favourite is our new square hinged gift box 1139 in dove grey.  It has a matt paper finish which is suitable for printing on to, and a removable cardboard insert instead of foam, making it fully recyclable and a chic sustainable gift box option.  The small slots at each top corner of the insert will allow any necklace to be both securely attached and beautifully displayed.  It’s easy to open and close thanks to the hinge fastening, and has a sturdy lid and base for added protection.  It is available in black, and natural kraft, but we love the soft dove grey colour which has been inspired by timeless scandinavian style.  

Dove grey jewellery box for necklaces

Earring box

Our top choice for an earring gift box is 1258, our natural kraft gift box.  It has a soft black flocked foam insert inside, and can be used for both small and larger earrings effectively.  The trend for natural kraft gift packaging continues to grow and is certainly here to stay for 2021.  Based on this, we have a range of other sizes and designs available in kraft gift boxes if you’re looking to extend your packaging range.  The paper finish allows the box to be printed on so that your business logo can be easily added if you’re looking for a personalised gift box option.  This is not a service that we currently offer, but can be done by a printing company or yourself using stamps, stickers or writing.

Natural kraft jewellery box for earrings

Bracelet box

Our favourite bracelet box is 0772, our long red bracelet gift box with a contemporary textured paper finish.  The bold red colour is sure to make a statement, and the contrasting black flocked foam insert has a small wire hook at one end, and an elasticated fitting at the other end, making it the perfect jewellery box for securing and displaying bracelets.    

Red paper jewellery box for bracelets

Brooch box

For a totally different look, we love the contemporary matchbox style of this small gift box 1102.  This gift box is made from black kraft paper, has a fully removable sliding lid, and is completely recyclable.  This gift box has no insert, which makes it very versatile for different sized jewellery items, especially brooches which can sometimes be difficult to find gift boxes for.  We recommend wrapping more delicate goods is a small piece of tissue paper for an extra finishing touch. This line offers a stylish yet practical alternative to traditional gift boxes for jewellery.

Black matchbox style jewellery box for brooches