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Wholesale School Suppliers

At Inca UK we have been leading school wear suppliers for many years, providing stock to school uniform wholesalers and supplies for school retailers across the UK. 

The most popular colours for school uniforms in the UK are red, burgundy, blue, navy, green and purple, and the majority of lines in our range of wholesale school uniform accessories are available in these colours.  We have designed our products to match with these important standard school uniform colours so that they are suitable for the majority of UK schools across the country.

If you have school uniform stores, school wear wholesalers or a school uniform shop online, discover our product recommendations for your business. 

Wholesale School Supplies

Our traditional best selling wholesale school uniform accessories are alicebands, elastics and sleepies.  Our plain colours sell in huge volumes, particularly over the summer months as our customers stock up on Back to School supplies in preparation for the start of the new school year in September.

7512 | Satin School Aliceband | £0.68 per unit

7980 | School Elastic Bobbles | £0.45 per unit

7281 | School Coloured Hair Clips | £0.39 per unit

As an alternative to the plain school uniform supplies, we also have a new range of gingham school accessories in stock.  The gingham is designed to match with gingham school dresses, which are typically worn over the summer months and very popular in UK primary schools.

8357 | Gingham Bow Elastic | £0.55 per unit 

8141 | Gingham Aliceband 1cm | £0.39 per unit

8082 | Gingham Scrunchie | £0.48 per unit 

8379 | Gingham Bow Hair Clip | £0.78 per unit

School Uniform Suppliers UK   

To try a selection of school accessories, we have put together a Schoolwear Bundle.  This bundle can be ordered with or without the display stand, and is ideal stock for school wear supply shops.

School wear supplier - School bundle

For an opening order where the spinner is required, we recommend ordering 6 packs of each of the lines listed in our school wear bundle in order to fill the display stand.  Find out more about which items are included in the School Bundle here.  

Trade suppliers of school uniform accessories

  • Minimum order of just £25
  • Free UK delivery on orders over £150.  
  • All of our stock is held in our UK warehouse and if you place your order before midday, we aim to have your stock delivered on the next working day (some restrictions may apply).  This is a great way to manage your stock levels effectively and never be out of stock on those best selling lines.     
  • Discounts available for businesses looking to bulk buy school wear supplies.