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Fashion Accessories For The Trade

Display Stands

Display Stands

Wholesale Display Stands for Fashion Jewellery and Hair Accessories

Inca have been making and supplying display stands for fashion accessories for many years. We recognise that the majority of our customers have their own diplay equipment and often have their premises fully equipped with slat wall or similar. The display equipment we offer is designed more for the trader who is looking to introduce a range of fashion hair accessories or fashion jewellery into a business where it will be very much an add-on or where they next flexibility in their product ranges and displays.

Our market is the smaller independant retailer or wholesaler who is looking for a complete service and part of that service is the provision of some forms of simple, effective and value for money display equipment. The products we sell are in the middle to low price areas of the market and our display stands are designed to fit into and complement this image. Most of range of wholesale display equipment is made up of wire display stands or wire and tube display stands.

Besides being a cheap way of producing good value, inexpensive stands, wire and tube also have the advantages of being strong, relatively light weight and unobrusive, providing good presentation of the product with few obscuring problems.

The Range


We offer a few display stands which come complete with stock. The main advantage of this is that the stand can be included at very little cost to the retailer. The range is as follows:  


The JS4 is a large revolving floor standing unit which carries several hundred cards of hair accessories.

The HT1 is a small, counter top wire display stand which carries 25 dozen childrens hair accessories at very low competitive prices.  An excellent way of introducing some hair accessories into a business, this stand is very popular with small retailers such as N and Ts.


We also supply a range of wholesale wire display stands which includes a revolving floor standing wire display unit which can be fully adjusted and could be used for the sale of many different types of products.
Also popular is a revolving counter wire display stand which is also fully adjustable and can be adapted to suit most different product sizes. Others are a small wire revolving earring stand and a small wire revolving jewellery stand-not particularly excitng but very popular nontheless.