Chocolate Boxes

Wholesale Boxes for Chocolates

These small boxes for chocolates are brand new to our packaging collection and are designed to fit 2 average sized chocolates inside.  Our empty boxes for chocolates are flat packed and can be made up in seconds.  Our chocolate packaging boxes are currently available in black and white and are particularly popular as boxes for homemade chocolates and also wedding favour chocolate boxes. 

Please note that as these boxes are not made from food grade paper we recommend that only wrapped chocolates are put inside our chocolate packaging boxes.  As well as boxes for chocolate truffles and other small chocolate goods, these packaging boxes are also suitable for other baked goods and as gift boxes for confectionery such as fudge, toffee and sweets.   

Our wholesale chocolate boxes are packed in 12's so that our customers can order as little as 1 pack, or bulk buy chocolate boxes in large quantities.  This means that our gift boxes for chocolates wholesale to a variety of different sized businesses - from crafters and bakers to larger brands.        

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Units per pack: 12
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Units per pack: 12

2 results

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Boxes for Chocolates

Our wholesale boxes for chocolates are available to order in packs of 12 and come in both black and white colourways.  They make great boxes for homemade chocolates and boxes for chocolate truffles.  Our packaging for chocolates can be easily stored as the boxes are flat packed, taking up very little room.  Our minimum order is just £25, and please contact us if you would like to receive a free sample of one of our wholesale chocolate boxes.    

How do you package chocolates as a gift?

We believe the best packaging for chocolates is a gift box.  Boxes for chocolates not only help to protect the chocolates inside, but also present them in a premium way.  

Which box is best for chocolates?

The most important thing to consider when choosing packaging for chocolates is the box size.  We suggest making sure that the chocolates fit inside without too much excess space - as if they are able to move around inside a box they can become damaged.  Our gift boxes for chocolates are designed to fit 2 standard size chocolates inside perfectly.  

How do you arrange chocolates in a box?

Single layered is best when arranging chocolates in chocolate gift boxes.  Try adding paper cups to keep each chocolate in place, and if you do need more than one layer use a piece of separating paper to protect the chocolates on the bottom layers. 

What are the most common methods used to pack chocolates?

Boxes, bags and foil wrappings are all common packaging types for chocolates.  We recommend using boxes to create a more giftable product.  

Do you sell branded chocolate boxes?

We are able to offer hot foil printing services on most of our gift boxes.  This is a great way to create corporate chocolate gift boxes, promotional chocolate gift boxes or even chocolate boxes for wedding favours and events.