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Packaging for mugs is really important to help protect the fragile contents inside.  Our brand new mug packaging boxes measure 10x10x10cm and are made from paper covered cardboard.  They are available to order in packs of 12 single mug boxes and can fit a standard mug inside with ease.  

Christmas Mug Boxes

Sales of our mug gift boxes tend to peak in the run up to Christmas, as mugs make a great present for everyone.  Simply decortate with  a piece of Christmas ribbon to turn our plain mug boxes into Christmas mug boxes.     

Mug Presentation Box

Our mug boxes turn any mug into a gift, and can also be used as mug boxes for shipping when placed inside suitable postal packaging boxes.  Our mug boxes wholesale to crafters, makers, gift shops and online retailers looking for mug packaging ideas.    

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10x10x10cm. NO INSERT. Kraft gift box. 10x10x10cm. NO INSERT. Kraft gift box.

Price per unit (excl. VAT):
Sale price £0.65 Unit Price £1.10
Units per pack: 12
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Price per unit (excl. VAT):
Units per pack: 12

2 results

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Mug Gift Boxes Wholesale

We have both kraft mug boxes and black mug boxes now in stock.  Our mug box size is 10x10x10cm and can comfortably fit a standard mug inside.  These cardboard mug packaging boxes have no inserts and are fully recyclable after use.  They have a seperate lid and base for easy opening.  Our minimum order for our mug boxes or any of our products is £25 and discounts are automatically applied to orders over £150 for those looking to bulk buy mug boxes.      

What size box do I need for a mug?

Measure the height, and width of your mug to find the box size that you need.  Our boxes measure 10 x 10 x 10 cm and comfortably fit a standard size mug inside.

How do you package a mug?

We belive a solid box is the best way to package a mug as it creates a nice gift whilst also protecting the mug inside.  

How do you package a mug for posting?

We recommend using one of our mug boxes as a presentation box for your mug, and then this can go in a suitable postage box with padding for posting.  

Do you sell branded mug boxes?

Our mug gift boxes are totally plain so can be printed or branded with your logo using stickers or transfers.  If you would like to enquire about hot foil printing your wholesale mug boxes, please email