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Wholesale Soap Boxes

From handmade UK soaps to large bulk manufacturing, we supply the perfect wholesale packaging for soap bars.  Our soap packaging boxes come in 1 small size and 2 finishes - kraft and clear plastic.  

Custom Soap Boxes

Our kraft paper soap boxes have a natural homemade feel and can be easily printed onto to add your custom business logo or branding. For more information about our hot foil printing services please email

Our clear plastic soap boxes make soap easy to display as the contents are visible, helping the soap bar to remain well protected whilst handled by customers.  

Eco Friendly Soap Packaging UK

Both of our soap packaging boxes can be recycled and are great for those looking for eco friendly soap packaging ideas.. 

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Soap Packaging Suppliers

Protect beautiful soaps with our wholesale soap packaging boxes.  Available in clear plastic and kraft paper, our soap boxes are perfect for handmade soaps and bulk soap manufacturers.  Our minimum order is just £25, and discounts are available for orders over £150.  Please let us know if you would like to see a sample of any of our soap gift boxes and we will be happy to help.      

How to package homemade soap?

Homemade soaps are often made from attractive artisan ingredients which customers are keen to see.  For this reason our clear plastic soap boxes are often popular as boxes for homemade soap.  Customers can see the beautiful soaps without having to handle the soap itself.

What packaging is best for soap?

Typically, it is most important to consider how your packaging for soap will protect the soap inside.  If you are a soap retailer or soap maker, our wholesale soap boxes allow the soap to be protected from handling by customers in store.  If you are an online retailer, our soap boxes offer protection during shipping so that the soap arrives safely with the recipient.  


What are the best ways to package soap?

We think soap boxes are the best way to package soap as they protect the soap inside, can be displayed easily in store and can be easily posted out for any online orders.  

Both our kraft soap boxes and clear plastic soap boxes can be recycled, so they are great for those looking for eco friendly soap packaging ideas.  

What is the standard size of soap box?

Our soap boxes measure  8 x 6 x 3.5cm. 

What are soap boxes made of?