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Wholesale Hamper Trays

Brand new wholesale hamper trays now available to order.  These cardboard hamper trays wholesale to businesses across the globe looking for empty hamper boxes for their hamper packaging supplies.  These empty gift trays can be filled with any number of items and work particularly well for larger goods as size is not restricted by a lid.  

Hamper Trays Wholesale UK

Our DIY hamper trays are empty and already made up so they can be stacked for easy storage.  We have 2 sizes available - our small cardboard hamper trays measure  30 x 22 x 6 cm, and our large hamper trays measure 44 x 37 x 12 cm.  These cardboard hamper trays come in packs of 6 so you can order as many or few as you need to make your range of hamper boxes.  Our hamper trays are an affordable and modern alternative to traditional hamper baskets, and are fully recyclable too.  

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Size: 30x22x6cm. Kraft Hamper Tray Box Size: 30x22x6cm. Kraft Hamper Tray Box

Price per unit (excl. VAT):
Units per pack: 6
DL_1054-BI-00 DL_1054-BI-00

Price per unit (excl. VAT):
Units per pack: 6

2 results

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Hamper Trays Bulk Stock

Stock up on quality cardboard hamper trays from Inca UK.   Our gift trays wholesale to many different business types and can be used as hamper trays for almost every product and occasion; Christmas hamper trays, Birthday hampers, Wedding hampers, Food hampers.  Our minimum order is just £25 and discounts are automatically applied to orders over £150.  Please contact us if you would like to see a sample of any of our wholesale hamper trays and we will be happy to arrange this for you.    

Are hampers profitable?

To make sure that your hamper boxes are profitable, keep a close eye on the cost of the items you are putting inside.  Remember to factor in the cost for all the hamper packaging too - such as the hamper trays and any tissue paper or ribbons used.  Our cheap hamper trays will help you to maximise your profits.

What do you fill the bottom of a hamper with?

The most popular hamper fillings are tissue paper and shredded paper.  They not only line the bottom of the hamper trays but also add a soft cushion for any goods placed inside.  

What are the best things to put in a hamper?

There are no firm rules, but typically it is a good idea to think of a theme for your hamper boxes and then fill your wholesale hamper trays with items that fit the theme.  That way the goods will sit nicely together for a cohesive gift.