Gummy Bangles

Wholesale Gummy Bracelets 

Gummy bangles are a line that appeared on the scene in the 1990s, reputedly starting as a result of a similar black rubber wristband used to pull the pins on certain types of grenades.

The original fashion gummy bangles to appear on the market were made from silicone and were also black, but it wasn't long before a range of coloured ones were developed. The usual progression of different types, translucent, glitter and others, continued for some time as importers tried to wring every last drop of interest out of them. As always, the bubble eventually burst and the market faded away. However, the gummie was not about to go away forever, it is a popular, cheap, value for money line and it re-emerged as a best seller on several subsequent occasions, though not selling as strongly as the first time around.


At Inca we import and distribute gummies extremely well year in, year out.  It is true that they have peaks and troughs from year to year but they are certainly good enough for us to run all the time. The range is made up of the original black gummy bangle, solid bright colours and neons.