Alice Bands

Inca is one of the largest importers and trade suppliers of headbands in the UK, and therefore stock a huge variety of different designs, styles and colours, all at very competitive prices.

Headbands are also known as Alice bands due to the ribbon worn in the hair by the heroine of Lewis Carroll's novel 'Through the Looking Glass' . They are a simple and comfortable way to wear an attractive adornment in the hair such as a flower or bow, without the worry of it falling out. Additionally, hairbands are also worn for practical reasons such as keeping the hair back off the face at school, whilst exercising or in the workplace. Plain alice bands are having a bit a of ranaissance at the minute, with padded alice bands being particularly fashionable. We stock a range of plain and simple wholesale alicebands in a variety of fabrics with both satin and velvet being especially predominant. Colour wise we stock a comprehensive range, with school colours being some of the most popular, along with both black and navy.

Nowadays there are many small, cottage industry businesses making high end and even bespoke hair accessories here in the UK. Our headbands make an ideal base for more extravagant hair accessories due to our low trade prices, and the fact we have small minimum order quantites. For those who wish to make their products using their own fabrics, we stock a variety of Alice band cores. These cores are the plastic inner which gives the alice band its shape and bendiness and can be found by clicking here.

Consisting mainly of flexible plastic headbands, our childrens hairband range is both vast and great value for money.    The most popular styles include bows and flowers which make up the bulk of our range, but we also stock alicebands with childrens motifs.      We have pastel colours ideal for younger children and perfect for spring time, along with vivid brights for high summer.     We also stock a small range of ribbon wrapped alicebands available in a number of different colours including white which are ideal for Christenings, confirmations and bridesmaids alike.    The plain ribbon wrapped headbands are perfect for customers who wish to make their own kids alice bands due to them being such excellent value.

With little girls growing up so fast nowadays not all of them want cute childish designs.    To this end this we have added some slightly more sophisticated styles available in more grown up colours.    These lines are also suitable to be worn for school,   making them great everyday hair accessories.   We also carry a cheap range of multi pack hairbands, usually in a 2 or 3 pack, these are excellent value for money, budget lines, and sell in huge wholesale quantities.

All our childrens alicebands come packed on a hanging card with a barcode particular to each line.   They are bagged in 3,4,6 or dozen packs depending on the colour assortment and price.

Quality is high up on our list of priorities and we try to ensure that the ends of our Alice bands are a comfortable fit and that the band can flex a reasonable amount without breaking.     Where necessary we inscruct our factories to make sure the ends are glued neatly or if they are made from metal,   there are no sharp edges or burrs.