Wholesale Hair Grips and Hairpins

It is probably safe to say that the humble Kirby grip is the best-selling hair accessory ever and they are one of the mainstays of our basic hair accessory range.

The three most popular colours are brown, black and blonde in that order, due to the fact that these are the most common hair colours. Hair grips are the simplist way of controlling the hair and are worn as a funtional tool rather than a decorative accessory, hence the reason that the natural hair colours far out sell the others.    45mm is the standard and best selling length, however the 65mm isn’t far behind.    Price is a deciding factor for customers looking to purchase hair grips and this is obvioulsy very easy to compare against other internet suppliers, but the fact is quality is the most important issue.    We go to great lengths to ensure our hairgrips are good quality and are painted both inside and out with a high quality finish, as well as having epoxy dipped ends.     Not all hair grips on the open market meet the same high standards that we aim to achieve.

The use of Hair pins has become far more common over recent years, and they are particularly useful when creating hair buns and updo's, which are very fashionable right now.    Hairpins are simply pushed into the hair, holding it firmly in place thus making the same principles apply when it comes to colours and lengths, as well as quality.    Many of our hairpins are sold to hairdressers who use them on mass to acheive the perfect hair stlyes for bride's and brisemaids alike.    Our corkscrew hairpins are extremely useful for this as they twist-in to hair giving a far superier secure hold.