Boxes for chocolate

Our line of confectionery packaging now includes empty chocolate boxes. Launched this year (2022), our elegant ballotin boxes are designed to fit two chocolates inside.  

A ballotin box (or ballotin carton) is a type of small box for chocolates. It’s larger at the top than the bottom giving it a distinctive shape. 

What type of packaging is best for chocolates?

If you’re planning to put your chocolates straight into a box without a wrapper, you must ensure it’s hygienic. When you’re looking for packaging for your chocolates consider whether the material is food-safe. 

Packaging and food-safe containers are usually constructed from materials like paper, rubber, metal, and some plastics. Our empty chocolate boxes are safe to use with food. 

Consider also how many chocolates you’d like to pack and whether you want a display window so you can see the confectionery through the box lid. 

Our high-quality ballotin boxes are made to fit two chocolates, which makes them ideal as gifts or wedding favours. Available in plain white or black, they can be printed with a design of your choice or decorated by hand for a personalised finish.

Empty chocolate boxes for all occasions

Whether you’re looking for chocolate packaging, small gift boxes, or even wedding favours, our ballotin boxes could be the answer. 

These boxes are cost-effective and versatile enough to be used by a range of wholesalers, online retailers, market traders, and solopreneurs working from home.

Our empty chocolate boxes are popular with: 

  • - confectionary retailers
  • - party planners 
  • - catering companies 
  • - craft businesses
  • - wedding venues 

They are made from plain paper and come flat-packed so they don’t take up valuable workspace. 

How much are wholesale chocolate boxes?

Our wholesale chocolate boxes start from 92p per unit. There are 12 units in each pack (that’s £3.48 per pack) and they are available in plain black and white.

How do you package homemade chocolates?

Cleverly designed packaging is one of the reasons that consumers pick one box of chocolates over another. But when it comes to homemade chocolates, your packaging can afford to be much more personal – after all, the recipient is likely to be someone you know. 

A box or packet decorated by hand or left plain and finished with a ribbon is the perfect way to package homemade confectionery.  

Chocolate boxes (wholesale) – FAQs

Find out more about our wholesale chocolate boxes with these frequently asked questions.     

How many chocolates fit inside?

These wholesale chocolate boxes can comfortably fit two chocolates inside.

How are these chocolate gift boxes supplied?

Our empty chocolate boxes come in packs of 12. They arrive flat-packed for easy storage and you can choose from white or black.   

Can I use these chocolate packing boxes for other items?

Absolutely! These small gift boxes are ideal for sweets, chocolate, pick n mix, fudge, and other confectionery, but they can also be used for anything that will fit inside. 

What size are these empty chocolate boxes?

These small gift boxes for chocolates measure 6.5cm long x 3.3cm wide x 3.2 cm tall.  

Can they be customised?

Yes. We now offer a hot foil printing service which means that we can personalise these gift boxes with any design to create decorative boxes for chocolates suitable for every occasion.

What should I do with the boxes after use?

These empty chocolate boxes are fully recyclable, making them an environmentally-friendly packaging solution for your chocolates.