Christmas eve boxes wholesale

What started as a way to keep the kids entertained on one of the busiest days of the year for parents is fast becoming a modern Christmas tradition in the UK. We’re talking about the Christmas Eve box.

If you’ve never heard of a Christmas Eve box or don’t know what to put in it, we’ve got everything you need to know to make your own, including a list of gift ideas for 2022.  

What is a Christmas Eve box?

Despite being relatively common in other parts of Europe, it was once unheard of for people in the UK to open presents before the big day, but the Christmas Eve box has changed all that.  

Its original purpose was to help kids unwind and keep them occupied on December 24th. Christmas pyjamas, activity books, hot chocolate, and a festive film are all popular in Christmas Eve boxes.

As the tradition has evolved, so has the list of recipients – and the wonderful thing about this box of treats is that you can tailor it to suit anyone from babies to adults and even pets!

You don’t have to use a box for your Christmas Eve gifts either. Crates, baskets and festive bags are also popular, or you could upcycle something you already have and decorate it yourself.

When do you open a Christmas Eve box?

Most people give the lucky recipient their Christmas Eve box the day before the big man arrives. This is the perfect opportunity to give your kids new pyjamas worthy of a decent photo on Christmas morning!

You could also combine it with other Christmas Eve traditions and include reindeer food in the box and a magical key for Santa. If you’re a family that dabbles in Elf on the Shelf, this might also be a good time to wish the elves a bon voyage.

Opening Christmas gift box

Christmas Eve box ideas for 2022

The great thing about a Christmas Eve box is that you can fill it with whatever suits the recipient, from boozy gifts to soft toys. We like the idea of starting a collection of Christmas ornaments and including a new one in the box every year.

To get you started, we’ve made a list of ideas for kids, adults, and pets.

Christmas Eve box ideas for kids: 

  • Pyjamas 
  • Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
  • Christmas mug 
  • Bath bomb
  • Christmas DVD
  • Christmas book (try The Night before Christmas) 
  • Soft toy 
  • Reindeer food 
  • Treats for Santa and his reindeer
  • Santa’s magic key 
  • Chocolate, sweet treats, or candy canes 
  • Letter from Santa 
  • Christmas activity pack or colouring book 
  • Christmas ornament 
  • Children’s Santa hat or reindeer headband


Christmas Eve box ideas for adults:

  • Slippers 
  • Christmas socks 
  • Bath products
  • Christmas-scented candle 
  • Hot chocolate
  • Miniature bottles of something boozy 
  • Christmas ornament 
  • Homemade fudge or biscuits


Christmas Eve box ideas for pets: 

  • Treats
  • Squeaky toys with a Christmas theme
  • A snuggly new blanket


How much should you spend on a Christmas Eve box?

To avoid overshadowing the day itself, leave the ‘big ticket’ items to open on Christmas Day and stick to filling your Xmas Eve box with small, inexpensive, and even homemade gifts.

Reindeer food is cheap to make or buy, and it will keep the kids entertained while they look for the best place to sprinkle it.

You can buy it pre-packaged from online retailers like Amazon or make it yourself at home using porridge oats and a pinch of biodegradable glitter.

Put a few generous scoops into something small like a sandwich bag, and finish by decorating it to match the theme of your Christmas Eve box.

To add to the magic, you could even write a letter from Santa with a list of treats the big man would like to eat when he’s dropping off your presents. 

Hot chocolate in a Christmas mug

Where can I buy a Christmas Eve box from?

You can buy empty Christmas Eve boxes from stationers, supermarkets, and department stores. You’ll also find hundreds of retailers online that offer custom-made boxes with the name of your children or pet.

If you’re buying in bulk, it’s cheaper to order Christmas Eve boxes wholesale from a retailer like Inca UK. You can choose from gift boxes with lids, hamper trays, or a fold-flat box.

Cardboard Christmas Eve boxes are great for decorating yourself, but try a wooden box or crate for something different. You could also opt for an alternative, like a festive gift bag, a small Christmas sack, or even a pillowcase.

If you haven’t got time to make your own box, you can buy them pre-filled online from independent stores and retailers like Etsy and Not on the High Street. 

Do you wrap items in a Christmas Eve box? 

There’s no right or wrong way to pack the items in your Christmas Eve box. You can wrap each item separately or leave them unwrapped inside the box. 

Find a way to present the gifts to suit the recipient. Small children will love opening individually wrapped parcels, but the gift box itself is probably enough for adults and babies.

Do it your way and start a new family tradition!

What fills empty space in a gift box?

To stop your items from rattling around inside the box, fill the empty space with packing filler like shredded paper or scrunched-up tissue paper. Good packing filler is essential if you’re planning to include handmade items or even delicate Christmas ornaments in your box.

Crinkle-cut shredded paper, wood wool, and raffia have a natural Christmas feel that makes you want to delve into the box and rummage for hidden items. This filler works well with wooden crates and Kraft cardboard boxes.

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