Stock for conveniece stores - hair accessories on display stands.

If you own or work in a convenience store and are looking for bulk convenience stores supplies, discover our range of top selling convenience store items all available online from Inca UK.

Traditionally, convenience store product categories are very varied and include everything from everyday food items, to health and beauty products.  If you’re new to the industry and are looking for what to stock in a convenience store or if you’re looking for inspiration to diversify your existing stock, our range of wholesale hair accessories and gift packaging make great additions to any retail store.

Products for convenience stores

We have two main product types available that are suitable for convenience stores - hair accessories and gift packaging.  

Hair accessories complement the health and beauty product category and can be merchandised alongside hair care products or other beauty items to encourage additional sales.  Often, customers are shopping in convenience stores as they quickly need something, and our hair brushes, elastics, hair clips and hair nets are some of our most shopped products in convenience stores for this reason.  

Our wholesale gift bags are great pick up items for any last minute gift wrapping solutions.  Available in a range of prints and sizes there is something for every occasion.  Our medium, large and bottle gift bags are the most popular lines in convenience stores as they can often be purchased with chocolates, wine or other gift items in the store.  Take a look at our range of gift bags here.  To maximise the opportunity for add on sales in your store we recommend merchandising the gift bags next to the suitable gift items in store - for example, stock bottle bags in the wine / alcohol section to offer customers the chance to purchase a gift bag with a bottle of wine that they may be purchasing as a gift.  Not only can this result in extra sales, but it really does benefit the customer by offering them a whole gift solution.  

Our hair accessories and gift bags are very profitable items to sell at a convenience store as our low trade prices allow our customers to make high margins by setting their own RRP’s to suit their business profile.  As our items are small in size they can offer a strong sales performance for the little space that they occupy on the shop floor, so even the smallest space in store can offer a good sales return on investment.   

Best selling items in convenience stores

Our range of essential hair accessories are some of our most popular lines.  Here is our recommended convenience store stock list…

  • Alice bands - One of our best selling product types are our headbands.  Anything in black tends to perform well, and the basic styles are great value products for convenience stores to sit within the health and beauty category.   

  • Elastics - Hair bobbles are an everyday essential item.  Stock up on blonde, brown and black as a basic range, but add in bright colours to stand out.  We have a range of sizes and colours available to suit your customer needs. 
  • Scrunchies - Originally a basic hair accessory, scrunchies have become a massive trend and appeal to a wide range of customers.  Great as extra pick up lines in convenience stores, and they can make great small gifts for convenience stores to sell too.  

  • Clamps - Hair claw clips are both practical and pretty.  Black and tortoise shell clamps are some of our top selling items in convenience stores.    

  • Hair Grips - Kirby grips are some standard stock lines that sell well in convenience stores.  Add on a display clip strip near any other hair products to encourage link sales.  

  • Hair Brushes / Combs - Another everyday essential item which sells well in a convenience store environment.  Merchandise with shampoo and other hair care lines to enhance the available product range in convenience stores.   

Essential items for convenience stores

If you are looking to try a selection of products, you could order our new Essentials Bundle which contains a handpicked range of our best selling hair accessories and a display stand, aimed to provide a range of suitable stock for convenience stores

Bags for convenience stores

Gift bags - Try a range of sizes and prints to suit your customer profile.  We recommend our bottle bags and our medium sized gift bags as a good place to start as these can be great add on sales alongside other products in convenience stores.  We also have a large range of Christmas gift packaging for the festive season which sells well during the busiest trading period.  See all of our gift bags that are available here.      

Convenience store wholesalers in the UK 

If we can be of any further assistance in your quest for convenience store supplies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss our range recommendations for your business.  

As established trade suppliers we can offer the following…

  • Discount convenience store supplies

We have a discount structure based on order value.  Find out more here.

  • Exclusive convenience store stock

We only supply stock to independent retailers, so you can rest assured that you will not find our products in large chain stores or supermarkets.

  • Bulk convenience store supplies

Our pack sizes mainly come in 6’s and 12’s so you can bulk order stock that you need with ease.

  • £25 minimum order

Our minimum order is just £25, and carriage is free for orders over £150.  Find out more here.

  • Customer service support.

Our friendly team is available to offer any advice or answer any questions you may have.  Contact us by phone, online, or on our social media pages.